Overcome: Consumerism – I Was Made to Contribute

(Begin with 1-2 minutes of silence)

Imagine what it would be like to wake up one day and think to yourself, I have something to contribute to the world and I’m grateful for the opportunity to offer it today!

If this idea sounds far-fetched to you, ask yourself why? Seriously, take time to really dig-in — Why is it so hard for me to think and believe that I have something to contribute and I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so? 

Take 5 minutes to ponder and wrestle with the above question. 

.   .   .   .   .

While there may be a lot of potential answers to this question, the simple truth is that God has invited you – and daily invites you – to contribute something each and every day. You’re not simply a consumer – you’re a contributor. Instead of asking yourself, Do I have anything of value to contribute today, remind yourself, I do have something of value to contribute today. And because I do have something to contribute, I’m going to prayerfully and gratefully enter this day with a heart to offer it. I will contribute.


     MATTHEW 5:14-16

In what ways will you be intentional in your service of others today? 


Heavenly Father, today I simply thank You for the truths I was reminded of this week. Not only did You give me a purpose, but You have invited me into Your story, and to contribute something of value and worth into the lives of others. Thank You for working within me and through me, and for being with me as I strive to reflect Your grace to the world. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

(End with 1-2 minutes of silence)

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