trees-stages-of-growth.jpgSouth Ridge Church is a non-denominational Christian community that exists to provide people with the opportunity to experience Real Life, Real Relationships, and Real Purpose through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Typically, people experience South Ridge through three environments: Sundays, Groups, and Service Teams.

I’m Justin, one of the Pastors at SRC.  I write so that you may have an open window to my life, my thoughts, my desires, and most importantly, my God. This blog is also used to provide resources to our Groups and others looking to grow in their relationship with God & others.

2 Replies to “About”

  1. This is a question, Justin.
    How do I set it up so daily devotions are emailed to me each day???

    2. Are these daily readings same as printed ones on the paper handed out each Sunday?????

    3. Is there anything I’m forgetting. The blog and daily readings. In the app I can view sermons, complete sermon notes.

    Anything else I can be doing to grow my faith????
    Thank Jesus for your time.
    Debi Douglass

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