Overcome: Consumerism – I Was Made to Serve

(Begin with 1-2 minutes of silence)

Have you ever walked into a room full of people in search of the leader of the group? Like, who’s the person in charge here? They’re the one I need to speak with. They’re the one who can get things done.

Sometimes it’s necessary to find the person in charge. The person who can get things done. But this mindset may lead you to think that since you’re not the one in charge, you don’t have anything of worth to offer. You may give in to the lie that you don’t have anything good to contribute. 

As Christians, it’s important to remember that each and every one of us was made to contribute something grand. Of the 7+ Billion people in the world, God still created you. There’s no other like you, and He has given you something amazing to contribute to others. What will you do with this contribution? Hide it? Ignore it? Believe the lie that you don’t have anything good to contribute? Or will you allow God to work in and through you to serve others, reflecting the love and grace of God? 


    ROMANS 12:3-8, 1 PETER 4:11-13

In what ways has God already prepared you to build up and equip others your church? Try to think of at least three.


Heavenly Father, I confess there are times when I don’t feel like I have a specific purpose. Others seem to be extremely gifted at teaching, or singing, or something else, but I feel unprepared and even unworthy to offer anything. Today, I’m once again grateful for the reminder that You created me with a purpose. I wasn’t made to simply sit idly through life, but I was made with a purpose, and a part of that purpose is to build up the church. Thank you for this wonderful gift! In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

(End with 1-2 minutes of silence)

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