Jesus as Priest: Day 2

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DAY 2: Approach God in Boldness – Part I

If you were currently standing on the equator, you would be experiencing the Earth spinning on its axis at 1,037mph. That’s pretty fast. But think about this: the Earth is currently traveling around the Sun at approximately 66,000mph. Even more quickly than that, the light from our Sun is traveling 93,000,000 miles in about 8 minutes to get here. Despite these insane speeds, Earth is absolutely perfect for harboring life. 

But our planet is only one of billions within the Milky Way Galaxy. There are billions of Galaxies throughout the known universe, and billions and billions of solar systems, and billions and billions and billions of planets. And somehow, it’s all working in perfect order.

While we may not understand every aspect of creation, it’s clear that God must be extremely powerful to create such a vast universe. How do we even approach such a God? 

The author of Hebrews tells us that because of Jesus, we can not only approach God, but we can do so in boldness and in confidence. We don’t need to be afraid, but can be near our all-powerful God all because of Jesus. 


HEBREWS 4:14-16, HEBREWS 10:19-23

The Greek word translated boldness or confidence in Hebrews 4:16 literally means, “Freedom in speaking all that one thinks or pleases.” How regularly do you have thoughts or feelings you would be uncomfortable sharing with God in prayer? Why do you think that is? 

How would your prayer life be different if you really felt free to speak with God about anything and everything? 


Heavenly Father, my hope today is to enter into your presence and be completely free. May I be free from trying to please You, and instead be enlightened and enlivened by just being with You. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 


F260 READING: (A Scripture Reading Plan for Busy Believers)

The F260 is a Scripture Reading Plan designed to read through the foundational passages of the Bible in 260 Days (5 Days a week, 52 Weeks a year). It is a separate reading from the above devotional but is included for those who would like to engage with the Scriptures on a deeper level throughout the year.

Read: Joshua 7 & 8

Journal: Write it out. Following the pattern from 7 Arrows Page (click here) what did you learn from today’s reading?


Note: Are you looking for a Study Bible to help you engage with the Scriptures at a deeper level? If so, click here for some recommendations.

Next Message Series: Beginning January 5

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