Summer in the Psalms: June 7

Summer in the Psalms Graphic

  • Read the Psalm.
  • Pay close attention to the verse or verses noted.
  • Look for words such as for, because, surely, that. (Note: Not every reading will have one of these terms, but many of them will.)
  • Answer the question: Who is God? 
  • Example: Psalm 92 (see vv. 9-10, 15)
  • Who is God? — God is my refuge and my rock. There is no wickedness in Him! 

Today’s Reading:

Read Psalm 10 (see v. 14)

Who is God?


Click here if you would like to read additional information for this Summer Reading Devotional.

2 Replies to “Summer in the Psalms: June 7”

  1. Not sure you meant to highlight Ps 10:10. This verse talks of the evil man crushing the helpless. ?

    I do thank you for the Bible reading encouragement through this blog. You are doing a great work for God’s kingdom! May He continue to bless this ministry.

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