Cultivating a Life Without Worry: Day 5

Reading guide banner WEEK 3

     Day 5: Commit to Growth

READING: Psalm 55

  • Read Psalm 55. What are some things that may have led the author of this Psalm to be worried or afraid?
  • What steps did he take to experience growth and healing from his worries? (see v.22)
  • How will you continue to think differently about your worries, depression & anxieties in the weeks ahead?  
  • What is the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself this week? About God? Other? 

2 Replies to “Cultivating a Life Without Worry: Day 5”

  1. Really enjoyed this weeks blog in my daily email. I looked forward to the daily email. It has been very helpful. I am a worrier who, eventually when I just can’t worry anymore will finally give my concern over to God. 😊 I realize how at times I have become so wrapped up in my own problems that I have failed to help others. I am trying to change with God’s help.. Thanks.

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