God is WITH Us Devotional & Reading Guide: An Introduction


A daily Devotional & Scripture Reading will be made available each weekday over the next 8 Weeks for SRC’s current message series, God is WITH Us. Printed copies of the Devotional will be available at each location (Fairmont / Bridgeport). However, if you would like to receive an automatic email every weekday morning throughout the series, feel free to follow the blog (enter your email address on the right side of this page to follow). A PDF of the first four weeks of the devotional is available here.

A Brief Introduction to the Devotional:

The older I get, the more I realize just how real and relevant God’s Word is in my life. Admittedly, there have been times when I’m reading the Scriptures and I’m tempted to think things such as, “This person’s life story is so drastically different than my own, what can I possibly learn from them?” But I’m discovering more and more that some of the core issues they struggled with are the same core issues with which I’ve wrestled. 

They experienced significant trials in their lives. 

   They doubted God’s plan and purpose for their lives. 

      They struggled with self-centeredness.

         They sometimes didn’t mention the name of God. 

            They were confused. 

               They denied God.

                  They ran from Him.

                     They were criticized for their beliefs. 

But one significant truth shines through all of these stories. No matter what they were experiencing, God was WITH them. He was WITH them in their trials. He was WITH them in their doubts. He was WITH them in their humility. He was WITH them in the silence. Their confusion. Their denials. Their persecution. He was WITH them through it all. 

As you read and reflect through this Devotional and Scripture Reading Guide, it’s my prayer that we will all recognize the profound reality that God is WITH Us. No matter what we’re experiencing, He has been, is, and always will be WITH us through it all. 

~Pastor Justin

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