Elijah’s Mountain Experience

(Begin with 1-2 minutes of silence)

1 Kings 18:39 “The LORD—he is God! Yes, the LORD is God!”

Yesterday we read that Moses had a significant mountaintop experience in which the presence of God was made known. Later in the Old Testament, God reveals Himself in another mountain experience to another prophet named Elijah.

In this encounter, hundreds of other “Prophets” were encouraging the people to worship a different God – Baal. Elijah puts them to the test, telling them to pray for Baal to send fire from heaven to consume a sacrifice. As expected, nothing happens. But then Elijah has water poured all over the sacrifice and then asks God to send fire from heaven to consume the sacrifice. The fire burnt the sacrifice and the water which was poured over it. The people had nothing to say other than, “The LORD – he is God!”

While you may not ever have an encounter that mirrors Moses’s or Elijah’s, you have (and will) encounter profound experiences of the presence of God. Do not fear these moments, but embrace them. Open yourself to God as He works to transform you into the person He created you to be.


     1 KINGS 18:21-39 (also read the commentary notes in your Study Bible of choice.)

QUESTION: Can you think of a mountaintop experience in which you’ve experienced God do something amazing or miraculous? What was that like? How did you share about this experience with others? 

REAL LIFE PRACTICE: Continue to live your life at the pace of your soul. Slow down in order to catch up to the pace in which God created you to live. 

Take a Step: Remember to continue utilizing the One Minute Pause app throughout the week. If possible, begin to explore and practice the 3, 5 or 10 minute pause to more deeply root yourself in Christ.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I confess there are times when I read about Moses, Elijah, or others who have a “mountaintop” experience with You, but I sometimes wonder why I’m not having a similar experience in my life. This week, I’m being reminded that I have had, can now, and will have more of these moments in the years to come. Help me to recognize them and embrace them. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

(End with 1-2 minutes of silence)

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