God Works in the Lives of Unexpected People

(Begin with 1-2 minutes of silence)

One of the interesting things seen all throughout the Scriptures is that God works in the lives of unexpected people. Abraham wasn’t well known, yet God called him to be the father of nations. Moses, by his own admission, was not a good communicator, yet God called him to lead the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt. David was the youngest son and a simple shepherd, yet God called him to be king of Israel. 

Even though stories such as these are well known, we forget that God really does work in and through the lives of unexpected people. The story of Rahab is yet another example.

Picture this: the people of Israel are preparing to enter into the land God had promised them. But first, they need to scout out the land to see what they’re up against. Two men enter the home of Rahab, a prostitute. At first, she seems like an unlikely person to provide aid to an approaching army. However, God works in and through this non-Jewish prostitute to offer protection and essential information to His people. Living like Jesus is to recognize the work God is doing in and through others, including the lives of unexpected people. 


     JOSHUA 2:1-13 (also read the commentary notes in your Study Bible of choice.)

QUESTION: What are two or three ways you’ve seen God work in and through somebody else? Try to think of somebody in which you may not have expected to see God work in a significant way in their life.

Take a Step: This week, continue to utilize the One Minute Pause app at least twice daily to begin practicing being with God and resting in His presence. The app is free, and is available on iPhone and Android devices. See pauseapp.com for details.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, today I simply pray that You will continue to help me see how You’re working and moving in the lives of others, especially those who live, think, and believe very differently than myself. Similarly, I confess that there are times when I question whether or not I’m worthy for You to work in and through me in a significant way. Today, continue to reveal to me that if You can work through Rahab, you can work through me in amazing ways too. Thank You for this! In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

(End with 1-2 minutes of silence)

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