It’s Time to Pause

Are you feeling tired? Stretched? Overworked? Anxious? All of the above?

In a culture that thrives on success and accomplishments it’s no wonder we occasionally find ourselves living at an unsustainable pace.

Fortunately, John Eldredge (author of Wild at Heart, Get Your Life Back, Resilient, and more) has created an app with the sole purpose to help you Pause once or twice a day.

As you may know, I (Pastor Justin) have regularly been an advocate for the Emotionally Healthy Discipleship material. And one of the key principles of Peter Scazzero’s work is that what we DO for God must come from our BEING with God. We are not able to give to others what we don’t have ourselves. As such, we must take in silence, be still in the presence of God, remember that He and He alone ultimately has control of the universe, and then we can live the life He has invited us to live.

Until now, I’ve simply used a timer on my phone to take opportunities to experience silence. But a few months ago I discovered the One Minute Pause app and have found it extremely helpful.

In this app, you will have the opportunity to build from a One Minute Pause, to Three Minutes, then Five Minutes, and then Ten Minutes. You may be thinking, There’s no way I can just sit in silence for ten minutes! but you may be surprised. Eldredge’s team has created a remarkable app that really does help.

If you’re interested, you can check out it here:

One Minute Pause on iOS

One Minute pause on Android

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