Rooted in God’s Love

(Begin with 1-2 minutes of silence)

There’s a reason why many doctors, counselors, chiropractors, life coaches, etc., all use an image of a tree with roots to illustrate health and well-being. A tree with deep roots may sway and bend, but it will not fall. It continually gathers strength and stability as it pulls nourishment from rich soil. But if the soil provides little to no nourishment, the tree will wither and die.

Unfortunately, many people seek nourishment and vitality outside of God’s love. For example, we may try to find it…

  • …in what we do. We may believe the lie that if we just do enough good or right things in life, we will be stronger.
  • …in what others say or think about us. We may believe the lie that if others say enough good things about us, our popularity will make us stronger and more fruitful. 
  • …in what we have. We may believe the lie that if we have the right house, car, body, clothes, or just “one more thing”, our stability will come from that.

But Paul reminds us not to be rooted in these things, as our strength and stability comes from being rooted in God’s love. 


     EPHESIANS 3:14-19, COLOSSIANS 2:6-7, JOHN 15:4-5

What would you say it means to be deeply rooted in God’s love? What does that look like?  

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I confess that far too often I seek strength from what I do, what I have, or from what others may say about me. Today is a reminder that my strength comes from being rooted deeply in Your love and grace. May my roots dig deep within the well of Your love today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

(End with 1-2 minutes of silence)

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