Ephesians 2:1-10 – Dig Deeper Into the Text

(Begin with 1-2 minutes of silence)

Imagine writing a letter to a large group of missionary friends to offer them some encouragement. You do your best to remind them of important gospel truths and also take the opportunity to write out a prayer for them. But without concluding the prayer with, “Amen,” you simply continue writing the letter. Years later, those reading the letter are likely to question exactly when the prayer begins and ends. 

Ephesians 1:15-23 is, without a doubt, a prayer for the Christians in Ephesus. But many scholars note that the prayer does not end in verse 23, but it continues on. A reader today sees a new chapter and automatically assumes it’s a new section, but for the people who read Paul’s letter in Greek, Ephesians 1:23 and 2:1 are connected with the word “and”. The New Bible Commentary notes that if 1:23 and 2:1 were conjoined into one sentence as written in Greek, the emphasis on these two verses would be, “and you, being dead in your transgressions and sins, he made alive with Christ.”

Today, read Ephesians 1:15-2:10 as if it’s one continuous prayer.


     EPHESIANS 1:15-2:10

Read today’s passage as one ongoing prayer. In just one sentence, how would you explain to somebody else what Paul really hopes the Christians in Ephesus will understand? 

Take some time to reflect a bit more on this passage: What is God inviting you to more fully understand about Him? 

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, today I am very grateful for the reminder that I am alive in Christ. While I may not always feel alive in Christ, I can rest in assurance that I am. May I live this day freely and fully alive in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

(End with 1-2 minutes of silence)

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