Overcome: Complacency – Fill Your Tank

(Begin with 1-2 minutes of silence)

Think about it: is there a day within the previous month, six months, or even a year, when you felt completely at peace? What was happening in your life before that day? What were the events that unfolded that helped you experience that day of sheer contentment? 

As people, we focus a whole lot of time and energy on the things we don’t like. Didn’t like the service at a restaurant? Vent to somebody about it later in the day. Didn’t enjoy a certain movie? Tell somebody what you didn’t like about it. Didn’t like a decision made by a politician? Tell the television how wrong it is. Didn’t like the decision the coach made? Throw the cat at the television! 

This pattern of focusing on what we don’t like creates an unhealthy mindset. It creates within us a habit of keeping an eye out for what we don’t enjoy. Simultaneously, it prevents us from focussing on the things we do enjoy. Today, take the opportunity to think differently. Spend time thinking about and doing things that bring you contentment. Fill your tank. 


     PHILIPPIANS 4:4-13

What are some things that help you experience real peace and contentment in life? 

What are some ways you can incorporate these things into your daily life (or even your thoughts), so that you can more regularly experience peace and contentment? 


Heavenly Father, today’s reading has helped me realize just how often I think about what I don’t like, instead of thinking about all the joys, wonders, and beauty You have granted to me. Today, my desire is to see myself, others, and the world as You do – part of Your beautiful creation. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

(End with 1-2 minutes of silence)

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