Ahab: Day 4

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DAY 4: Ahab Refuses to Listen to Wisdom

Think about a time when you asked somebody’s advice, but didn’t like the advice they offered. Did you follow their advice anyway? Or did you just go and find somebody else who would tell you what you wanted to hear? 

During king Ahab’s reign, he asks the king of the Southern Kingdom, Jehoshaphat, to join him in battle to take back a city that belongs to Israel. Jehoshaphat is excited for the opportunity, but requests that a prophet of God be consulted. He’s hesitant to go to war without God indicating that His favor is with them. Ahab responds to Jehoshaphat’s request saying, “There is one more man who could consult the LORD for us, but I hate him. He never prophesies anything but trouble for me!”

Sure enough the prophet Micaiah says exactly what Ahab doesn’t want to hear. Does Ahab listen? Nope. He has Micaiah thrown in prison and decides to go to war anyway. The result: Ahab is killed in battle. 

As you read today, consider this: Do you struggle to follow the advice of others when it goes against your own desires?


     1 Kings 22:1-40

Do you struggle to follow the advice of others when it goes against your own desires?

Are you currently experiencing a difficult situation and you aren’t sure what to do? Who are 1-2 people who you know have your best interest at heart? Today, invite at least one of them to offer some advice. 

F260 READING: (A Scripture Reading Plan for Busy Believers)

Read: Exodus 13:17 – 14:31

Journal: Write it out. Following the pattern from 7 Arrows Page (click here) what did you learn from today’s reading?


Heavenly Father, there are certainly times in my life when I ask somebody’s opinion, and don’t like what they have to say. Today I pray that You will help me to see and understand the different perspectives of others, and that You would help me to receive advice from others even if it goes against my own desires. In other words, I pray that You would help me see my need to trust others who have my best interests at heart. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 


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