Jeroboam & Rehoboam: Day 4

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DAY 4: Rehoboam Humbles Himself

Yesterday we saw that there’s a difference between shame and guilt. Shame is best understood as, “I am bad.” While guilt is best understood, “I did something bad.” There’s a significant difference between the two. 

Similarly, there’s a difference between accepting responsibility for wrongdoing, and simply paying the price for it. 

For example, somebody who commits a crime may be punished for their wrongdoing, and even though they fulfill a prison sentence, they may never truly accept responsibility for their actions. However, somebody else in the same scenario may, upon judgment, accept responsibility and humble themselves before the court. 

This is what happened in the life of Rehoboam and other leaders in his court. God sent an Egyptian army to plunder their riches and even to subjugate them. And Rehoboam and the leaders respond by humbling themselves, and saying, “The LORD is right in doing this to us (2 Chronicles 12:6).”  

As you read today, consider this: Think of a time when you humbled yourself (either before God or somebody else)? How difficult was it for you to do so?


     2 CHRONICLES 12:1-12

Think of a time when you humbled yourself (either before God or somebody else)? How difficult was it for you to do so?

 Who is the most humble person you know? What would you say are three character traits that have helped them grow in humility? 

Over the next week, how can you be intentional in pursing a life of humility? 

F260 READING: (A Scripture Reading Plan for Busy Believers)

Read: Genesis 44 & 45

Journal: Write it out. Following the pattern from 7 Arrows Page (click here) what did you learn from today’s reading?


Heavenly Father, today, I simply pray for the sight to see the foolishness of following my own path, and the wisdom of following Your path. May You continue to lead me on this journey, one step at a time. I know humility may not come easily, but I know it begins by simply trusting You. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 


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