We Live to Build Up: Day 1

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     Day 1: Positive Influence Part I

It’s easy to read through parts of the Bible and think, “I wish so-and-so would read this passage. If they would just apply this one passage in their life, then my life would be better, too.” More rarely do we read through parts of the Bible and think, “Sexual immorality? Yes, that’s important for some people. But my thoughts and actions aren’t that unhealthy for my life.” Or, “Love everybody? Wow, it’d be great for so-and-so to read this and apply it, because I don’t feel loved by them at all!” 

But this way of reading through the Scriptures isn’t best. Instead, it’s best to read it, understand it’s meaning to those in that culture, and then think through how to apply it in our own lives. We serve a very personal God and we need to read and grasp His Word personally in our own lives.

This way of reading the Bible is crucial for 1 Corinthians 8. Why? Because on the surface, 1 Corinthians 8 doesn’t seem very applicable to our lives. For example, have you eaten any food that was sacrificed on behalf of Poseidon or Neptune recently? In our culture, most certainly not. But stick with us this week, as 1 Corinthians 8 is full of wisdom. As you read today, consider this: How well do you read the Bible with the thought of, “What is this passage really about, and how can I apply it in my own life?”


How well do you read the Bible with the thought of, “What is this passage really about, and how can I apply it in my own life?” 

Have you found a specific bible study or journaling method that works well for you? In what ways has it been most helpful?

F260 READING: (A Scripture Reading Plan for Busy Believers)

Read: Zechariah 1:1-6, 2, & 12

Reflect: What did you H.E.A.R. from God today?


Heavenly Father, today’s reading helps me to see that whether I read the Bible regularly, or very little, there is much I can learn from Your Word. I confess there are times when I read or hear something and think to myself, “I really wish so-and-so would apply this in their life!” but I really want my desires to change so that I focus more time and energy on growing myself. This week, lead and guide me to draw a circle around myself, and to keep my focus on everything inside that circle. May what I read, pray, and write about help me to grow. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

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