We Live to do All to the Glory of God: Day 2

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     Day 2: Holiness for Your Family

As Paul continues writing about the wonders of marriage, he addresses another concern for the people of Corinth – how ought we respond to situations in which one spouse is a believer, and the other is not? The Corinthians worshiped all kinds of Greek/Roman gods, so this type of scenario likely unfolded more and more as the Christian church began to spread. 

Paul responds well, and says that the believing spouse brings sanctity to the whole marriage, and even the children of this marriage are to be seen as holy. It may not be easy to comprehend, but Paul says if just one person in a marriage is a Christian, and everybody else in the family is OK with that, then it’s good for that one individual to continue practicing their faith as it has a positive impact on the whole of the family unit.

This is yet another way Paul encouraged the people of Corinth to live holy and pure lives. Many people of Corinth would divorce their spouse with little or no notice. This had lasting consequences for the individuals, the families, and even the society as a whole. So Paul encouraged the Christians to put this kind of practice to a stop, and to remember just how much of an impact one individual within a family could make. As you read today, consider this: In what ways can one person positively impact their whole family?


In what ways can one person positively impact their whole family?

Who do you know that is both a Christian and married, but is married to somebody who is not a believer? What can you share with them to encourage them this week? 

F260 READING: (A Scripture Reading Plan for Busy Believers)

Read: Daniel 9, 10, & 12

Reflect: What did you H.E.A.R. from God today?


Heavenly Father, our culture today is full of step families and blended families, as well as those who are mixed in their faith beliefs. Today, I’m gratefully reminded that if only one person in a marriage is trusting and following You, this will have tremendous benefits for their spouse and their children. So today, I pray for all I know (and even those I don’t know) who are wrestling with this in their marriage. Provide them with strength, courage, and peace. May they know that their marriage to You is the relationship that matters most, and may their trust in You ever increase. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

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