We Are Servant Leaders: Day 3

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     Day 3: The Road to Leadership

Pastoral leadership is a good thing to aspire to, and at SRC it is available to all men.  At SRC there is a distinct road to follow to become a pastor.  The first step involves a total commitment to Christ evidenced by a loving, serving life-style toward others.  Through this commitment, God will be developing the character qualifications necessary for effective leadership.  As character is developed, he will have opportunity to be entrusted with responsibilities in the church, and as faithfulness is demonstrated, greater responsibilities will be given.  During this time such men will be involved in personal training in the Bible, counseling and leadership and managerial skills offered by the existing pastoral team via a leadership program.

During the training it will become evident to all which men are qualified for the pastorate.  These men will then be approached and asked to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider joining the pastoral team, which usually will involve leaving their present occupation and becoming employed full-time by the church.  They would be asked to self-examine their lives in light of biblical qualifications for leadership.  If they feel before God that they are needed and qualified, their names would be submitted to the membership for affirmation. Each church member will have the opportunity to bring forth any evidence that may disqualify the person for biblical leadership.  If a legitimate reason comes up, the process would be halted until all is resolved.  When the existing pastor(s) feel all qualifications are met, an ordination meeting would be called, Great Commission Churches will be consulted, and he would be ordained as a pastor of SRC.


At this point in time, there are no formally recognized deacons or deaconesses.  However, many of our men and women hold positions of leadership that have the responsibilities of deacons and we are grateful to God for their service.

Note: South Ridge Church is full of volunteer Community Group leaders and other ministry leaders who use their abilities and gifts to teach and equip others to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We ask that all filling such a role be members of SRC.


South Ridge Church is governed by a plurality of Pastor/ Elders, and in some cases, Commissioned Ministers and Deacons, in what is known as the Policy Board-Governance Model. The Board leads the church by setting its course. Once the Board of the church sets the policy and course, the pastors, staff, and membership are equipped and empowered to carry out the work of ministry.



SRC is led by a Plurality of Pastors. How does functioning as a Plurality help the church? 

What questions, if any, do you have about the the road to leadership at SRC? 

F260 READING: (A Scripture Reading Plan for Busy Believers)

Read: Isaiah 52 & 53

Reflect: What did you H.E.A.R. from God today? HEAR Bible Study Method

PRAYER: On your own, take the opportunity to pray for your children or another loved one. The following outline may be helpful.

Four Prayers for Your children or children that God has placed in your life:

  1. Thank God for the miracle of the children God has placed in your life.
  2. Thank God for any way in which these children have changed your life.
  3. Commit these children’s future to the Lord.
  4. Ask God for help in figuring out how you may best guide and lead them.

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