God is WITH Us in our Trials: Day 3

01 God is With Us in our Trials

    Day 3: Joseph’s Brothers

Have you ever not seen somebody for a number of years, and when you do see them you’re initially unable to recognize them? Perhaps it was somebody you graduated high school with, or a distant relative you haven’t seen since childhood. Or maybe it was somebody who used to struggle with anger, addiction, or other behaviors, but today their demeanor is completely different.

How do you respond to such a situation? Do you proceed with caution? Do you respect them for the person they are, forgiving them for the person they were? Do you keep your distance, holding onto the past?

Initially, this is the situation in which Joseph’s brothers find themselves. After selling Joseph into slavery and assuming he is long gone, they’re unable to recognize their own brother, and even though he’s completely overcome with emotion, he decides to keep his true identity hidden. Soon, they will learn of his true identity, and they’re left with a big decision: how should we respond? 

As you read today, consider this: How do you think Joseph felt throughout his life experiences? 


     GENESIS 42 & 43

What problems was Joseph facing? 

How do you think Joseph (and Joseph’s brothers) felt throughout these experiences? 

F260 READING: (A Scripture Reading Plan for Busy Believers)

Read: Exodus 40

Reflect: What did you H.E.A.R. from God today? HEAR Bible Study Method


Heavenly Father, today’s story is an excellent reminder that everybody has experienced major challenges in life. Joseph experienced life-changing trials due to his brothers’ decision to sell him into slavery. His brothers also experienced life-changing trials (fear, shame, hunger, and more). I ask today that You will lead and guide me in how to respond to others—even others who have personally wounded me—in ways that will lead others to better see and know You, and ultimately bring glory to You. The one person who comes to mind is (_______). Provide me the wisdom to respond to them in new, grace-filled ways. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

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