Cultivating a Life Without Fear: Day 1


Reading guide banner WEEK 1Day 1: The Rich Young Ruler

A man once approached Jesus and asked a very simple question, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” But the answer he received left him dejected. Jesus told him to sell all of his possessions and give all of his money to the poor. For this man, it was the one thing he didn’t want to give up.  He was willing to follow every other commandment.

In the end, the rich young ruler made two great mistakes. First, he was convinced that he could inherit eternal life based on his good works and good deeds. It seems that he would gladly follow the commands of God, without actually trusting God in the process. And this leads directly to his second mistake: he clearly trusts his wealth. In fact, he was so attached to his wealth that the thought of not having it led to tremendous fear. He was afraid of what may happen throughout the rest of life without his wealth.

Chances are high that you have something in common with the rich young ruler. There’s at least one thing, perhaps more, that discourages or distracts you from fully following Jesus. It could be wealth, or control, or some other stronghold.

As you read today, consider this: What most discourages or distracts you from growing in emotional and spiritual health?


     Luke 18:9-14 and Luke 18:18-30

After reading through the above passages, re-read the opening note from Pastor Justin (located on the previous post). 

What would you say most discourages or distracts you from growing in emotional and spiritual health?

Take at least two minutes to think through and write down your answer to this next question: What do today’s readings reveal about the nature and character of God? 

How can you better reflect this attribute of God today?


Heavenly Father, today I simply acknowledge that there are things in my life that discourage or distract me from growing closer to You and from experiencing lasting contentment. I pray that as I continue through this Reading Guide, Your Word will bring to light some things that I have tried to hide from You and others. I also pray that as my fears, hurts and other anxieties are brought to light, that I will better understand Your grace, that I will receive it with gladness, and that I will grow as a result. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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