SecondCity Update (July 18, 2017)

As you may have seen, I’ve been doing my best to post regular updates to keep you informed about the many great things that are happening with our SecondCity Initiative! If you’re not in the know, our SecondCity Initiative is not only about launching a new Location of South Ridge Church in Bridgeport, WV, it’s also about strengthening the effectiveness of our holistic ministry, and increasing our Missions budget as well.

This week, we have some exiting things happening at our Fairmont Location! Thanks to the generosity and faith of many at South Ridge, we are currently renovating a section of the Family Ministry wing to be set apart as Student Ministry rooms.  They will now be completely separate from the Ridge Kids area so that students can be, well, students.  The rooms will be ready when the Student Ministries launch in the fall (see picture below).

Feel free to continue following along for more updates regarding our SecondCity Initiative, or check out SecondCity.One regularly!


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