Weird: Parenting Devotional (Day 1 of 5)

Weird: Parenting – Day 1 of 5

Father: “My kids have been looking forward to this all week long. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you do.”

Family Ministry Teacher: “Oh, well thanks. We love having them here.”

Father: “No, really. They love it here. I’m not sure if you all put something in the water, but our kids just love it here!”

Family Ministry Teacher: “Thanks. That’s what we like to hear.”

Father: “I did have a question though. They keep bringing home these Parent Cue and God Time cards, and my preschooler even brought home a placemat. Are we actually supposed to do something with these at home?”

Family Ministry Teacher: “Oh, those. Yes, those are the ways we let parents know what their children are learning about, tips on ways to disciple their kids at home, and we hope parents are practicing the monthly memory verse with their child, too. We teach all of the kids core truths from the Bible every week, and so these are really important tools we send home to you each week.”

Father: “And…just so I understand correctly. It’s your hope that we’ll help them in this process at home?”

Family Ministry Teacher: “Yes. Our goal is to engage the whole family. Not just the children.”

Father: “Well, don’t take this the wrong way or anything. But we’ve got plenty of homework to do already. Throw in soccer practice for two different kids in two different age groups, and we’re already swamped. This just isn’t something we have a whole lot of time for in our family.”

Family Ministry Teacher: “These are designed to be very simple. It’s something you can go over in the car, during dinner, or you could even pull them out right at…”

Father: “Like I said, it just isn’t something we have much time for. That’s why we bring them here, isn’t it?”

. . . . .

The Book of Proverbs was written as a textbook for young men entering adulthood. It was helpful in teaching them principles of wisdom in regards to many areas of life – from knowing God, to finances, to anger, to friendship, to marriage, to parenting, and much more. And even though the Proverbs were initially written for men, they’re just as applicable to women.

One often-recited Proverb is 22:6 – Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it (NLT). It was encouragement for men to lead their children onto the path of wisdom. For fathers to take the initiative to instill all of the principles within the Proverbs (including knowing God, finances, anger management, friendship, marriage, and more) and to teach those principles to their children.

In other words, the Bible says that it is the primary responsibility of the parents to instill Godly wisdom into their children. The church is available as a resource for guidance and direction, but the parents need to be the primary teachers and trainers of their children in the ways of God.

Read: Deuteronomy 6:6-9; Proverbs 1:8-9; Proverbs 22:6

Questions to Consider:

  • Read Deuteronomy 6:6-9. Why do you think God commanded parents to read His commands again and again to their children?
  • Do you think God had any specific commands in mind for this passage?
  • In your own words, what does it mean to train up a child in the way they should go?
  • What are you currently doing well to train up your children in the ways they should go?
  • What could you be doing better to train up your children in the ways they should go?

Additional Question for those without children:

  • What, specifically, can you be doing to help parents put these passages into action? Write down at least three.


Heavenly Father, I ask today that You would provide me with tremendous wisdom and insight as to how to be train up my children in the way they should go. My desire is to be an example for my children, providing my children opportunities to see how to trust You in all things. Help me to partner with my church so that together we can do some amazing things in the hearts of my children. Amen.

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